Web-Based Office Tools

Below is a list of Zoho products that I (and several of my clients) currently use or have used in the past:

All Zoho Products

Zoho CRM

Zoho Social

Zoho Invoice

Web-Based Tools

Having the power of Google for your business is a great asset. I utilize Google Workspace for several of my businesses and I love it. Sending emails as well as being able to access documents anywhere with an internet connection is a great feature to have.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to, not only, share your contact information, but to show some of your personality. has a wide variety of styles, materials that will work for any business.

Video Email

I'm a BIG believer in video and video marketing is where you need to be in order to grow your reach and grow your business. is a great platform that I use regularly when reaching out to potential clients and current clients.

Web Hosting

Godaddy provides web hosting services.

Online Forms (HIPAA Comliant)

Accepting forms online is a GREAT way to make life easier for your clients/patients. Jotform is a great tool that you can utilize that happens to also be HIPAA compliant.